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 Christie3 July 21, 2015

I visited this facility. I was impressed with the facilities at The Avenues Courtyard. Found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. They answered all of our questions. The facility was clean and up-to-date. It looked like a place that was a possibility for my father in the future. We were very impressed with the facility and the location of it. It was close to downtown. They provided the care that we were looking for, and the units were very nice. I was happy with the facility. I would recommend them, and that would be the place I would pick for my father.

Caring91766250 August 28, 2014

I visited this facility.  Our visit with The Avenues Courtyard Assisted Living was fine. It was a smaller community, but it was very clean. The rooms were also smaller. The staff was professional and personable. We just walked by the dining area and I would say, based on the level of care of the people there, the need for recreational activities would be limited. They are doing what they could, but the people there couldn’t participate in the activities.

anonymous44 June 24, 2011

I visited this facility.  There are many amenities at this facility to keep the residents happy and active. They have an activity room, a spa, a hair salon, and even a library. The library is the greatest draw for my friend. He’s a scholar and books are his one great love. He spends hours in the library and reads ravenously. He considers the library his room and the staff doesn’t seem to mind. And yes, he deigns to let the other residents enjoy it with him as well. More than once, there’s been a book that he’s wanted not available in the facility’s library and the staff did everything to acquire it for him. He’s eager to discuss his books with others and the staff are eager to listen to him and add to the conversation. This courtesy alone is enough to recommend this facility, not to mention all the other perks. It’s quite the thing to witness a group of the women on their “spa day”. They just beam and glow.

Kirsten Kolch – September 17, 2015 ·

This community is very beautiful and very clean. The staff is always friendly and inviting.

June Harrington – a year ago

The CNA’s and Medtech’s at The Avenues Courtyard are some of the very best. Caring and friendly. I also love the indoor courtyard. The natural light is a mood lifter. And surprisingly the food is very good. My grandpa is super picky and he loves their food. As a family we highly recommend it.

John Mayo – 2 years ago

The absolute best ASSISTED facility ever. My sister was there before having to to a medical nursing home to finish her life!
The greatest place on EARTH!!!!!!!

I have been to Avenue’s Courtyard a number of times as a vendor. There personnel are always friendly, the facilities are clean, they have many activities, and the atrium is a warm and inviting. Most of all, I enjoy engaging with the management. They seem to truly care about the residents and believe in providing a caring a top notch place for people to live. I’d recommend checking it out if you are looking for a place for your loved one to live.



The Avenues Courtyard Assisted Living adds that personal touch. When my friend Annette needed extra care, her family brought her to The Avenues Courtyard Assisted Living. Annette was a prima-donna. In her younger years she was an internationally known singer. Annette was able to live out the rest of her one-hundred years without ever having to go into a nursing home. What I like best about The Avenues Courtyard Assisted Living is the sense of community, the loving, caring staff and the fact that residents can remain in the facility even if they are in need of a wheelchair.

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